August 23, 2002

Request Help from McDonough County States Attorney

William Poncin
McDonough County States Attorney
#1 Court House Square
Macomb, IL 61455

August 23, 2002

Dear Mr. Poncin:

In the past few years I have been powerless to prevent the taking and destruction of all my
personal possessions in Illinois. Early on it seemed the issues were of a civil nature and could be
dealt with in civil side of the judicial system. Today it is apparent that the matters are more than
that and clearly violate numerous state and Federal laws and are criminal in nature.

The actions promulgated by Richard Mays of Mays,Walden & Anastas of Quincy and carried out
by Virgil Mittelberg and Jack Lowderman have lead to the destruction of my life’s work.

Timothy Flemming of Citizens National Bank of Macomb Orchestrated the blocking of access to
the equity in my Macomb residence of some $42,000 which could have been used to thwart the
actions of Mays and Mittelberg.

Agents of State Farm Fire and Casualty Company would not honor claims associated with the
theft and destruction of property insured with their company.

Members of the McDonough County Sheriff’s office did not properly do their job but instead
assisted  Mittelberg and Lowderman in illegally taking and destroying my life’s work.

 In your capacity as McDonough County States Attorney I ask that you initiate the appropriate
investigation into the forgoing allegations and take the appropriate actions to prosecute the
individuals involved.

Efforts to seek redress in Circuit Court filed last September 10, 2001 were to no avail. The court
hearings that derived from those filings were held without my having any representation
whatsoever. A copy of those filings are attached and provide additional information.

In this time of concern for international terrorism we need to be aware and deal with the terrorist
that are among us as friends and neighbors who are working diligently for the destruction of their
fellow man.

Please advise what I need to do to move this matter forward. I have no doubt this action will
attract substantial media interest and you should be prepared for that eventuality.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


George R. Harker

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