Brother Leland's Experiences - WWII 
Fraternizing as a Tranquil Sedative 
Edited by Harvey G. Chapman, Jr.

A memoir of WW II
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Brother Leland's Experiences - WWII
edited by Harvey G. Chapman, Jr.
Hard Cover - 301 pages First  edition ( 1991)
Vantage Press,Inc., New York, New York; ISBN: 0-533-08939-5 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1 X 9 X 6
Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 89-90579
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Brother Leland's Experiences -- WWII is a fascinating collection of letters and photographs of WWII written by Leland Chapman. In 301 pages the reader is exposed to aspects of the war from the perspective of the common man. The book is a must have for those interested in the human side of global conflict.

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Dr. George R. Harker
Maui, Hawaii

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Like many G.I.'s during World War II, Leland Chapman wrote many of his adventures down to send to the folks back home. Stationed in Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, France, and Germany, Leland had a rather unique perspective on World War II. Fortunately for him, the times and places were such that he could travel about without coming close to the front lines. But while his duty was behind the lines, the war was still raging, and so there were limits to how much he could say or describe in his correspondence. Now for the first time, through both letters and recollections, the whole story is told in Brother Leland's experiences - WWII: Fraternizing as a Tranquil Sedative.

From basic training in Texas to biding time waiting to be shipped overseas to Algiers, Leland Chapman indeed "saw the world," or at least a small part of it. He tells of the horrors of war fro civilians -- the devastation, the starvation, and the day-to-day misery, but he also tells of the fortitude of those he met. Americans were favorites of the natives, because they were "wealthy" and always ready to provide the people with what for them were luxury items. But many also shared their lives with Leland and his buddies. A warm portrait of people in wartime, Brother Leland's Experiences -- WWII is vital reading for anyone interested in World War II.

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Harvey G. Chapman, Jr., the editor of Brother Leland's Experiences--WWII, has many ambitions and abilities diverse from that of his brother, Leland. Harvey started his career as an aircraft mechanic. After many months of night school, he progressed to being an aircraft designer. He has served periods of duty with Douglas, Northrop, Lockheed, Boeing, SAAB(Sweden), and Emerson Electric. He was a specialist in aircraft armament stationed in Sweden when Hitler was planning to take over that part of the world. A short time later, Harvey was called to Atlanta to supervise the clean-up "bugs" on the new pressurized high altitude bomber, the B-29, the mission that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan August 1945. He was then ready for Atomics International, builder of nuclear reactors. Then, having reached maturity, he went into business for himself.
Brother Leland's Experiences - WWII
edited by Harvey G. Chapman, Jr.
Copyright 1991
ISBN: 0-533-08939-5
Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 89-90579
First Edition, Vantage Press, Inc., New York, New York

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