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The Life and Times of Dr. George R. Harker


This is the table of content page for Dr. George R. Harker. Harker was a philosopher and scholar following in the tradition of Aristotle and other great thinkers. Just as other great scholars and philosophers throughout history were vilified and persecuted, so to was Harker. The pages that follow document those events.

TIMELINE  1943-2003

2002, November 26,  Bank accounts seized

2002, August 23, Request assistance from McDonough County States Attorney , William Poncin, regarding theft of all Dr. Harkers possessions in Illinois.

2002, January Dr. Leisure publishes Harker, George R., He Wouldn't Drink the Hemlock: The Firing of Dr. Leisure, 378 pages Second Special Hawaii edition ( January 2002) Dr. Leisure; ISBN: 1-887471-31-6 ;

2001, November Dr. Leisure publishes: Harker, George R., The Mostly True Life Adventures of Dr. Leisure, Vol. II, 294  pages First  edition, Dr. Leisure; ISBN: 1-887471-09-X ;

2001, October  Dr. Leisure publishes: Stein, Michael Eric, Continuous Trauma, 342  pages First edition ( October  2001) Dr. Leisure; ISBN: 1-887471-28-6 ;

2001, September 20,   Life work taken from Church in Macomb Illinois and sold at auction or destroyed by Virgil Mittelberg. A complete listing of items taken is found in Theft of a Lifetime

2001, May,  Dr. Leisure publishes: Alexander, S. , Seth's Pasture, 312 pages First  edition ( May  2001) Dr. Leisure; ISBN: 1-887471-14-6 ;

2000, January 7  Dr. Leisure's Vehicles stolen from Church property, Macomb, Illinois.

1999, August   Citizens National Bank forecloses on Harker's home in Macomb, Illinois.

1998 Employed by Hawaii Department of Education as a substitute teacher.

1998 Dr. Leisure publishes:  Harker, George R.,The Intelligent Decision: How We Think! ISBN 0-9638802-3-3, Dr. Leisure 1998, 120 pages.

1998 Dr.Leisure publishes:  Harker, George R., The Mostly True life Adventures of Dr. Leisure Vol. II ISBN 1-887471-08-1, Dr. Leisure 1998, 345 pages.

1997 Dr. Leisure publishes: Yeatts, Raymond A., Battlefield of Life, ISBN 1-887471-05-7,  Dr. Leisure 1997. 64 pages.

1996, September 26 Testified as expert witness: People v. Stillmeyer,  September 26, 1996. Erin Stillmeyer was charged with exposure of her breast on a nude beach under the Brevard County ordinance. Apparently she was asleep on her back on the beach. She was awaken and charged with violation of the county nudity ordinance. Dr. Harker was accepted as an expert by Judge Kenneth Freidland.

1996, May 21  Not allowed to testify: People v. Davis,  May 21, 1996. Judge Philip Fougerousse, Rockledge, FL., will not hear the expert testimony of any of three expert witnesses brought to Florida to testify on behalf of Davis. Davis was charged with breast exposure in violation of Brevard County ordinance.

1995 Establishes the Church and School of International Detente. Articles of Association filed in McDonough County Courthouse.

1995 Dr. Leisure publishes: Gill, Gordon,  Recreational Nudity and the Law, ISBN 0-9638802-8-4, Dr. Leisure 1995. 198 pages.

1995 Dr. Leisure publishes: Harker, George R., The Mammoth Incident, ISBN 0-9638802-7-6, Dr. Leisure 1995. 193 pages.

1994 Dr. Leisure publishes: Sheik-Abdi, Abdi,  When A Hyena Laughs, ISBN 0-9638802-5-X, Dr. Leisure 1994.
      286 pages.

1993 Dr. Leisure publishes:  Sheik-Abdi, Abdi,  Tales of Punt, ISBN 0-9638802-2-5, Dr. Leisure 1993. 135 pages.

1993 Dr. Leisure publishes:  Harker, George R., He Wouldn't Drink The Hemlock: The Firing of Dr. Leisure, ISBN
      0-638802-0-9 Dr. Leisure 1993. 462 pages.

1993 Dr. Leisure becomes the registered trademark of Dr. George R. Harker. Dr.Leisure is established as an imprint in the book publishing industry.

1991, June 21 Fired from Western Illinois University by the Board of Governors

1990  American Sunbathing Association publishes Creation and Management Guide to Clothing Optional Beaches and Parks written by Dr. George R. Harker

1990  Gave deposition: The Naturist Society, Inc. and T.A. Wyner v Fillyaw (1990) United States District Court, S.D. Florida, Fort Lauderdale Div. (page 109 Recreational Nudity and the Law)

1989,  Testified as expert witness, New York:  People v. David (1989), City of Rochester (New York)  Appellate judge cites testimony of Dr. Harker as basis for overturn of convictions by lower court. (See page 105 in Recreational Nudity and the Law.)

1989, November Testified at public administrative hearing regarding State Park Regulations, Hawaii, November 1989.

1988 Prepared affidavit: Craft v. Hodel (1988) United States District Court, District of Massachusetts. (page 96 Recreational Nudity and the Law)

1985 Travels around the world on second trip.

1980 Travels around the world on first trip.

1976, March 30  Divorced

1974 confired the degree  Doctor of Philosophy by Texas A&M University.

1973, March 1 Married Carol Ostlund in Macomb, Illinois

1970, September  Begins employment at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois
1968 Graduates Ohio State University, Master's Degree
1966 Graduates Ohio State University, Bachelor Degree
1962 Attends Fenn College, Cleveland, Ohio
1961 Graduates from Fairview High School in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

1943, September 26,  born in Redbud, Illinois

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