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 Fairview High School -- Class of 1961

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By Dr. George R. Harker

    Received an email the other day titled: Fairview Park Class of 1961 from a fellow named "Butch." He wanted to know if I was a classmate of his at Fairview High School in 1961. Sent him an email and found that I had been lost but now was found.

I was curious how Butch found me. He said his brother actually did. Came across my Diploma from Fairview High school listed among my possessions taken and sold or destroyed by Virgil Mittelberg, a rather vile person currently avoiding his inevitable demise in Quincy, Illinois.

Fellow Class members of Fairview High School, Fairview Park, Ohio, this page is dedicated to you and all our shared memories. Please post to the message board or send material that should be posted on the site to DrLeisure1@aol.com

Fairview High School, 4507 W. 213th St., Fairview Park, Ohio 44126


Patricia Alvord
Gil Caudill
Cynthia Clark
Bill Cook
Thomas Cowan
Linda Criswell
Ron Dale
Diane Dietes
Dorothy Hall
Creighton Hauch
Galye Hendershot
Pat Hyde
Joe Kovesdy
Nina Lacy
Sally Lambert
Robert Lanning
Joyce Lazelle
John McDonnell
Vickie Mattson
Donald Morrison
Bill Palacio
Marjorie Priddy
Sandra Roberts
Carol Shinners
Charles Thompson
John Toth
Bob Watson
Henery Wolf

If you are one of our classmates (or just interested in the Class of 1961) Donna (formally Besch now Friedt-Gyulay) and I would love to hear from you. Email Donna at dgyulay@hotmail.com please include Class of 1961 in the caption to get past the spam screening. Aloha Dr. L

Do not hesitate to Post your comments regarding the Class of 1961 at the Message Board either under Fairview High Class of 1961 or create your own entry.

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