Jesus Christ to Charlemagne and the Dr. Leisure Connection
by  Peter  Jones

As the official biographer of  Dr. Leisure, also known as Dr. George R. Harker,  I have been aware for some time that he was related to Betsy Ross who purportedly prepared the first flag. I did not know of the connection to Charlemagne.

Geoffrey Harker was looking into the Betsy Ross connection triggered in part by his son's birth earlier in the year. The nature of genealogical research is such that known personalities have probably already had it done. Such was the case here with Betsy Ross actually Elizabeth Griscom, born 1752 died  1836. It is actually her third husband,  John Claypoole, that is the connection. Following up from Claypoole  we soon connect with  English  Royalty and ultimately to Charlemagne himself.  Below is presented the  direct  line  from Charlemagne to  Samuel Harker.


Below is the direct line decendents from Jesus Christ to Charlemagne and then on to George R. Harker. The material is drawn from Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Laurence Gardner.

Jesus the Christ
St Mary Magdalene

Josephes (ha Rama Theo)
b. AD 44







Boaz (Anfortas)

Sicambrian Franks

Faramund d.430---Argotta


Meroveus of the Franks


Clovis = = = Clotilde

Lothar I = Ingund

Blitildis = = = Ansbert  d. 570

Arnoald of Scheldt (d.601)
Princess Dua of Swabia

Arnulf Bishop of Metz (d. 641) = Dobo (Saxon)

Ansegis = = = Begga of Brabant
Lord of Brabant
Margrave of Scherdt d.685

Pepin II (the Fat) of Herstal
Mayor of the Palaces of Austrasia, Neustria & Burgundy
d. 714

pis (concubine)

Charles Martel
Mayor of the Palaces of
Austriasia, Neustria & Burgundy
d. 741

Pepin (the Short)
Mayor  of Meroingian Palace) King of France 751-768
Princess Bertha (Bigfoot)

Charlegmagne (the Great)
King of France 771-814. Emperor Charles I 800-814
= 4 Hildegarde

Below is the direct line decendents from Charles I, "Charlemagne" to  Dr. Leisure's grandson Samuel Harker born February , 2004

Schroll down to find George R. Harker's grandson at the end of this bloodline which tracks to Charlemagne.

Charles I “Charlemagne”
b. 742 d. 814
“Charles the Great”
King of the Franks 768 - 814
crowned emperor of the Romans 800
b. 758 d. 783

Louis “The Pious”
b. 778 d. 840
Ermengarde of Hesbayne
d. 818

Lothar I King of Lorraine
b. 795 d. 855
Ermengarde of Orleans
d. 851

Lothar II King of Lorraine
b. 835 d. 869
Lady Waldrade
d. 869

Bertha of Lorraine
b. 863 d. 925
Theobald of Arles
d. 895

Boso of Arles
b. 885 d. 936
Willa of Tuscany
d. 966

Willa of Arles
d. 966
Berengar II of Italy
b. 900 d. 966

Rosella of Italy
b. 950 d. 1003
Arnolph II of Flanders
b. 961 d. 987

Baldwin IV of Flanders
b. 980 d. 1035
Ogive of Luxembourg
b. 995 d. 1030

Baldwin V of Flanders
b. 1013 d. 1067
Adele of France
d. 1079

Matilda of Flanders
b. 1032 d. 1083
William “the Conqueror”
b. 1027 d. 1087
led Norman Conquest 1066
King of England, reigned 1066 - 1087

Henry I King of England
b. 1068 / 1070 d. 1135
reigned 1100 - 1135
youngest son of William the Conquerer
Matilda of Scotland
b. 1079 d. 1118

Lady Matilda “Maud” of England
b. 1102 d. 1167
Geoffrey Plantagenet
b. 1113 d. 1151

Henry II King of England
b. 1133 d. 1189
reigned 1154 - 1189
Eleanor of Aquitaine
b. 1122 d. 1204

John “Lackland” King of England
b. 1166 d. 1216
Isabella of Angouleme
b. 1188 d. 1246

Henry III King of England
b. 1207 d. 1272
reigned 1216 - 1272
Eleanor of Provence
b. 1217 d. 1291

Edward I King of England
b. June 17, 1239 d. July 7, 1307
m. 1254 at Las Huelgas
reigned November 16, 1272 - 1307
conquered Wales, warred with Scotland
Princess Eleanor of Castile
b. 1240 d. 1290
m. 1254 at Las Huelgas
daughter of King Ferdinand III\
of Castile & Leon

Princess Elizabeth (Esabel) Plantagenet
b. August 1282
m. November 14, 1302
d. May 5, 1316
Humphrey de Bohun VIII
b. 1276, m. November 14, 1302,
d. March 16, 1321 / 1322
Earl of Hereford and Essex, Contable of
England, slain at Borough Bridge

William de Bohun, Knight of the Garter
b. 1310 / 1312, m. 1335, d. September 1360
Earl of Northampton, major military figure
Hundred Years War, commanded division at
Marlaix, 1342 & Crecy, 1346
Elizabeth de Badlesmere
b. 1313, m. 1335, d. 1356
daughter of Barthlolomew de Badlesmere

Elizabeth de Bohun
b. 1350, m. September 28, 1359,
d. April 3, 1385
Richard Fitz-Alan, Knight of the Garter
b. 1346, m. September 28, 1359,
d. September 21, 1397
10th Earl of Arundel
attained and beheaded

Elizabeth Fitz-Alan
b. 1372, m. by August 19, 1401,
d. July 8, 1425
Sir Robert Goushill
b. 1350 / 1362, m. by August 19, 1401,
d. July 21, 1403
Knighted for gallantry at Battle of Shrewsburry
died shortly after

Elizabeth Goushill
b. 1401 d. 1451
Sir Robert Wingfield
b. 1403 d. 1454
Knighted by King Henry VI, 1426
M.P. Suffolk 1427 - 1439
Steward of the Duke of Norfolk

Sir Henry Wingfield
b. 1440, m. after 1480, d. May 6, 1494
Knighted at Battle of Tewksbury during War of
the Roses by King Edward IV, May 5, 1471
Governor of Orford Castle, Suffolk
Elizabeth Rokes
b. 1450, m. after 1480, d. ~ 1530

Sir Robert Wingfield
b. February 4, 1475/85/91, m. ~ 1522, d. 1575
granted Upton Manor by Henry VIII
M.P. two terms, Dukal Auditor for Charles
Brandon, Duke of Suffolk
Margery Quarles
b. 1509, m. ~ 1522, d. 1576

Sir Robert Wingfield
b. 1523, m. September 1555,
d. March 31, 1580
Knight, M.P. for Peterborough
Custodian of Windsor Castle
Elizabeth Cecil
b. 1525, m. September 1555,
d. December 6, 1611
brother was Sir William Cecil, Lord Burghley
of Queen Elizabeth’s reign

Lady Dorothy Wingfield
b. 1565, m. September 30, 1586, d. 1617/19
Adam Claypoole, Esquire
b. June 20, 1565, m. September 30, 1586,
d. 1634

Sir John Claypoole, Knight of Latham
b. April 10, 1595, m. June 8, 1622,
d. April 10, 1664
knighted by Oliver Cromwell
Mary (Marie) Angell
b. 1601, m. June 8, 1622, d. August 10, 1661

James (Sir John) Claypoole
b. October 8, 1634, m. December 12, 1657,
d. August 6, 1687
arrived with friend William Penn on “Concorde”,
October 8, 1683, Brick house No. 37 Walnut St
Helena Mercer
b. 1634, Scotland, m. December 12, 1657,
d. August 19, 1688

b. August 4, 1672, Scotland Yard, London
m. ~ 1702
d. August 26, 1714 or before 1726
buried: Philadelphia, PA
m. ~ 1702
d. August 14, 1714

b. October 12, 1710/11, St. Marys, Maryland
m. ~1747, Burlington
d. December 16, 1799/69, Philadelphia, PA
b. October 12, 1718, PA
m. ~1747, Burlington
d. May 3, 1805, Philadelphia, PA

b. August 15, 1752,m. May 8, 1783,
d. August 3, 1817
Second Lieutenant at Germantown, wounded
imprisoned in Old Mill Prison
b. January 1, 1751/52, m. May 8, 1783,
d. January 30, 1836, Philadelphia, PA
flag maker

b. November 13, 1792, m. July 2, 1818,
d. January 4, 1873
b. December 6, 1789, m. July 2, 1818,
d. 9 April, 1852

b. May 16, 1819, Philadelphia, PA
m. November 9, 1843, Mulberry St. MM,
Philadelphia, PA, d. February 10, 1884,
Colora, Cecil Co., Maryland
b. July 21, 1818, m. November 9, 1843,
d. December 17/23, 1907
1839 Journal of Western Travels
founded Colora, Maryland

b. JUNE 2, 1846, Colora, Cecil Co., Maryland
m. December 11, 1878, Somerset, Niagra
Co., New York
d. APRIL 28, 1907, Colora, Cecil Co., Maryland
b. December 14, 1855, Somerset, Niagra Co.,
New York, m. December 11, 1878, Somerset,
Niagra Co., New York, d. February 14, 1943,
Colora, Cecil Co., Maryland

b. September 26, 1892, Colora, Cecil Co.
Maryland, m. February 6, 1915, Chicago MH,
Chicago, Illinois, d. February 20, 1955, Santa
Fe, New Mexico
b. June 16, 1892, Richmond, Virginia
m. February 6, 1915, Chicago MH, Chicago,
Illinois, d. April 21, 1944, Cheltenham,
Philadelphia Co. PA

b. January 20, 1916, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
m. Mobile, Alabama
d. October 1976
b. 1916
d. 2005
Philadelphia, PA
m. Mobile, Alabama

b. September 26, 1943
Red Bud, Illinois
b.  1948


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