The Art of Ron Reeder based on drawings of Makena in 1969

  Party at Flash's

Trip in Arald's Jeep

I met you a few weeks ago with some friends of mine while visiting my old home at Makena.  I love your truck.  I am now a full time professor of Art at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, Calif..  I met with some people while there re: having a show of some paintings I'm doing from the drawings I did there in 1969 (August through December), and I had a very good response from the Maui Cultural Arts Center and The Viewpoings Gallery in Makawao.  I was not able to speak with anyone at Hui No'eau but I did leave them a CD with information and images.  I wanted to thank you again for the book you gave me and for the work you are doing for the beach.  It is a shame that  big money is always rearing its ugly head and trying to destroy such an idealic place.  I believe that people are much more aware of what they have now than when I lived there.  I'm sending you a couple of pictures from the series.  I hope you like them.  They are mostly pictures of the people who lived on the beach in those days and genre scenes, rides in cars on the dirt road (Trip in Arald's Jeep) and group gatherings (Party at Flash's).  As this progresses, I would like to talk with you about donations and how and where they could best be applied.

Ron Reeder
EarthLink Revolves Around You.

 Nice to hear from you.  I have been wayyyyy too busy of late and don't get a chance to check my e mail as much as I should.  I would love to write my memories of Makena, once again it is that time issue.

I do remember my first night on the beach was stunning. It was late August of '69 and the volcano was erupting on the Big Island, there was a total lunar eclipse and the Percius meteor shower was in full swing, the Navy was bombing Kahoolave, and there was an electrical storm way out over the ocean to the west.  It was a lovely show!  I decided to stay and I was never disappointed.


Dr. Leisure's Note:  My visit was way to short with Ron as I got called away to assist an individual that was having problems with a lady friend who was slightly intoxicated on Little Beach. I was so pleased he sent me the paintings above. As you can see I am trying to get him to write his memoirs like Carl Welland. Additionally Ron has these great images to share. If you have a connection to Makena that you would like to share, please do. Use the message board or contact me direct.  Aloha Dr. L

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