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Tuesday, August 08, 2006 12:32 PM

Closing parks not the answer

One of the most distinctive aspects of Hawaii is the fact that all beaches are open to the public – at least during the daytime. Public access to beaches and shorelines is one of the most treasured legacies of Hawaiian culture, which surely didn’t put dawn-to-dusk limits on their uses.

Beach parks in general and One Loa and Puu Olai beaches at Makena State Park in particular are prime assets for residents and tourists alike, despite the apparent indifference to their worth shown by state and county bureaucrats.

Decades ago, a district supervisor of county parks was notorious for having the best-maintained facilities in the county. He was notorious because his approach to maintaining parks was to do everything in his power to keep the public out of them.

That seems to be the prevalent approach today. Parking lots at county beach parks are being closed at 7 p.m. Last weekend, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources began closing Makena State Park at 6 p.m.

In both cases, the threat of illegal activity, including assaults and robbery, was cited as the reason for the closings. There is no question Maui’s burgeoning population includes more individuals ready to take advantage of lightly policed areas, particularly at night.

Both the county Department of Parks and Recreation and the DLNR’s Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement are being asked to do too much with too few individuals. That is particularly true in the case of the DLNR, which has a dozen or so enforcement officers to cover Maui County’s four islands, including the state parks, forests and the ocean from shoreline to three miles out.

Maintaining safety and security is a legitimate concern. Public access at dawn, during the day and in the evening – if not at night – is an equally legitimate concern. It’s unlikely Maui will ever return to the nights when a person could sleep on a beach without worry from miscreants or authorities, but closing public property for lack of proper management is not the solution.

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