Makena Stables

Recently  (November 9, 2007) Dr. Leisure had the opportunity to ride on Pat Borge's trail rides into the lava fields of Makena. As the pictures will attest the views were magnificent.

Everett Dowling has in his mind that the best environmentally sensitive  use of this area would be a collection of high end homes available to anyone with a few million to drop.

It is clear that Makena Stables and the naturalness of Makena will not be around too much longer. I encourage everyone with an interest in the preservation of Makena and indeed the preservation of Maui to take a ride with Pat or his competent trail riders and see this area for your self. The phone number is 808-879-0244. The phones don't always work at that end of the island so be persistent. You will not regret the experience. Cost is about $145 per person. I believe the number that can ride at one time is six.  Please call for details. Aloha Dr. L

Dr Leisure on horseback Yes that is me, the one with the beard. Dr. L

Trail riders Makena The rest of our group. Six is the maximum that can go on a ride. You get as much individual attention as you need. Highly recommend the ride.

Vent of last lava flow Maui A view from above of the vent for this last eruption on Maui. About 1400.

cinder cone of Makena State Park That is the cinder cone that marks Makena State Park. To the left of it is the tip of Big Beach at the threshold of the entrance to Little Beach.

More photos to come as time permits. Aloha Dr. L


Addresses and other information on the current stewards of Makena.

Friends of Makena State Park

 Friends of Makena State Park was formally formed in 2003 to assist the Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources in the stewardship of  Makena State Park.

Consider a contribution to Doctor Leisure's Friends of Makena State Park  if you want to help defray the cost of this site and the efforts to save Makena State Park and the adjacent lands from unneeded and unwanted development.  Twenty dollars pays for the gasoline necessary to get Dr. Leisure to the park for five days. Forty dollars pays for the ink cartridge for the printer. Twenty five dollars covers the cost of the web site for one month.

Membership is open to anyone interested in the stewardship of  the unique natural resource that constitutes Makena State Park situated on the island of Maui in the Hawai'i 'i Islands. The world famous nude beach known as Little Beach is contiguous to Makena State Park.

To declare your membership and to receive the electronic newsletter of Dr. Leisure's Friends of Makena State Park click this link: LittleBeachMaui-subscribe@topica.com  and send a blank email.

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