Sunday October 15, 2006 Earthquake  Makena State Park

By Dr. George R. Harker

Sunday morning I was working on an email in my truck motor home while parked at Makena State Park. Shortly after 7am I could feel the truck moving from side to side and up and down. A sensation I have felt before when the truck is buffeted by high winds or a friend is pushing to make it rock and get my attention.

The sensation continued for thirty seconds or so which seemed forever under the circumstances. I knew it was not a friend and I could not hear the wind blowing. My next thought was a shock wave from a nuclear explosion nearby. After all there is a terrerist behind every tree. Well, at least according to some government officials.

Next I thought earthquake. I had experienced one in Illinois that lasted for a few seconds. And I had felt a jolt on Little Beach a year or so ago. Not however thirty seconds. In about seven minutes I felt a second quake of a bit shorter duration. Neat I thought as I wrapped up the email I was writting. Since I was in my truck I did not loose power but the server in the nearby house shut down as the power went down for what would be four hours.

Shortly I was out of the truck and down to the beach to check out the damage if any. On the trail that runs behind Big Beach over to the rock cut to Little Beach I encountered my first tangiable evidence of what I thought I had experienced. A cluster of rocks on the path that hundreds walk daily to get to Little Beach. I could not help but imagine what the sight would be if some beach goer was about. I could imagine his worn tennis shoes stiking out from beneith the boulder. The rest of his body obscured by the rock.

Earthquake Damage Assessment Report



The earthquake damage assessment report is well worth looking at for a good view of the cinder cone and a little bit of history about the hill.

S 9 purports to show the source of the rock falls on the Big Beach side. It is possitioned a little to far to the north to take in the scource of the rock shown above.

Basic plans are given for how to deal with the potential slides at Big Beach. No mention is made that very little if anything came down from the spires closer to the entrance of Little Beach. No reference is made to the fact that these fallen rocks were dropped by explosives in the early nineties. Local people tell me this was Hannibal Traveres' way to impeed acess to Little Beach.

Note that in the discussion of remedies for Black Sand beach the intent and suggestion is to close the narrow part of the beach just below the rock slide area. No mention is made of  a need to close the entire park.


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