Please Don't Feed the Birds of Makena State Park

By Dr. George R. Harker

The bird you are most likely to see on Little Beach is the House Sparrow. It will probably even get in your face quite literally. Haoles' seem to have a propensity for messing up the pristine environment of paradise. Instead of being thankful that we do not have gulls they have decided to train the common house sparrow to beg for food and if they don't get it to try and take it out of your hands or mouth.

Never mind that you came thousands of miles and would like to see something a little exotic. To add insult to injury try setting up under a tree to get a little shade and you may find that the bulk of the flock is overhead in the branches and they are not too concerned about what is below their anal spinctor. Water is much sought after and they will go to you water bottle to try and get condensation off the sides. To date I have yet to witness one opening a bottle. But that could come.

I remember twenty years ago watching Fergie feed a solitary sparrow. I even did a painting of them both. Today that single sparrow is one of fifty or more.

And you were hoping to get away from being shit on back home for a few days!



Here is something you will not see on the mainland. A Brazilian Cardinal male with red head and female with brown head taking a bath in a coconut husk.



In Big Beach Two parking lot they like to sit on the top of jeeps.

These chicks born in the park June 5, 2006 didn't make it through the day being eaten by dog not restrained by a leash.

It is always a question of birds or cats. At Makena State Park the cats are well established with the authorities.

State park rules speak to the issue of feeding the birds thusly: §13-146-41 Wildlife. No person shall molest, disturb, injure, trap, take, catch, possess, poison, introduce, or kill any wild bird or mammal, or disturb their habitat except when authorized by federal, state, and county laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations. [Eff 4/16/90; am and comp June 08 1999] (Auth: HRS §184-5) (Imp: HRS §184-5) §13-146-42 to 13-146-49 (Reserved)
The bird feeder is assisting in propogating an introduced species by creating an artificial habitat.

Interestingly a poll of beach user is nearly a hundred percent in favor of not feeding the birds. Oh well some individuals are just out of touch with reality.

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