Makena State Park -Wetland Improvement?

In examining the wetland improvement project it is useful to know that the developed area was part of the 1977 proposed Makena State Park. Extend a line up from the western most portion of the beach and think of the viewscape available if the housing construction had not been allowed to occur. More about that later.

The above pictures were taken in February 2006. Note the irrigation system that has been put into place. The outside consultant that did the general site plan for the wetland restoration advised against using such a system. It was suggested that irrigation would encourage the weed species to survive.

Hawaiian Coot  (Fulica alai)


Enhanced North Pu'u Ola'i Pond (a poikilohaline pond) view from the campground in the state park January 2007. The fence was intended to keep cats and mongoose out and thus provide protection for the waterfowl. Mongoose have been observed within the area. The cats historically have played havoc with the Shearwaters and need to be eliminated from the park. Interestingly dogs killing Shearwater in an Ohau park are dispatched rather quickly when they are detected. On Maui in the county parks cats are trapped and removed. Why this is not being done for the entire Makena State Park is not known.

The shredded kiawe makes for an ideal base for tent camping. Camping around the pond is totally consistent with the intent of the 1977 Master Plan for the Park. With the removal of the unwanted construction and the reestablishment of the kiawe forest the camping backdrop would be most natural.


Middle Pu'u Ola'i Pond (a poikilohaline pond) Unenhanced

South Pu'u Ola'i Pond (a poikilohaline pond) Unenhanced.

Descriptive report on an isolated wetland at Makena State Park, Makena, Maui with consideration to wetland enhancement options. Report No. AC036, May 2003 Prepared by AECOS Consultants, 45-309 Akimala Pl., Kane'ohe, Hawai'i 96744

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