Creation and Management Guide to public clothing optional beaches and parks

by  Dr. George R. Harker

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Some History Regarding the Publishing and Plagiarizing of the Management Guide

This is the 1990 edition of the Management Guide as written by Dr. George R. Harker. The understanding when the project was conceived was that the American Sunbathing Association would publish the document. Interestingly the ASA copyrighted the document and would later advise Harker that he could only publish brief excerpts from the document.

In 2000 the successor to the ASA, the American Association of Nude Recreation brought out an updated version which can be downloaded by hitting this link.  The preface and the acknowledgments (presented below) were so distorted the true basis of the work that  the record needed to be set straight and those acknowledged who were truely responcible for the work.  Peter Jones,  official biographer of Dr. George R. Harker, wrote the material below which should clarify a number of issues.

                         THE AANR 2000

Some background information on the history of the Creation and Management Guide to Public Clothing Optional Beaches and Parks. Prepared originally to respond to the introductory remarks by Bob Page and the American Association of Nude Recreation publication of Creating and Managing Public Clothing Optional Parks and Beaches edited by Erich Schuttauf, J.D.

The 1990 edition of the Creation and Management Guide to Public Clothing Optional Beaches and Parks was written in its entirety by Dr. George R. Harker. The work was not commissioned by the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) nor its predecessor the American Sunbathing Association (ASA). In 1989 Arne Ericksen, executive director of the ASA agreed to publish the document as prepared by Harker and did pay a small stipend for the publication rights, not the content rights.

The ASA declaration of copyright is an affront to the understanding between the ASA and Harker. The fact is the ASA and its antecedent the  AANR  have no legitimate claim to the copyright whatsoever. The work was and is an original effort by George R. Harker based on a rather extensive study of clothing optional beaches around the world. It could not be and was never intended to be ďa work for hireĒ to the ASA.

For the record, The Naturist Society (TNS) made no significant financial contribution toward the work or the collection of the data which is the basis of the document. ( Lee Baxandall, founder and head of TNS did provide valuable information, assistance and encouragement throughout the years to Harker.  Nevertheless the bulk of the resources used to support Harker's travel and research derived from his Western Illinois University employment and related university grants, not from TNS or ASA. )

An individual that did contribute ideas to the development of the guide concept who has not been previously acknowled was Kevin B. Kearney. Kearney was employed by the ASA in a public relations/lobbyist role in 1989. Harker consulted with him during the development process and developed the guide incorporating his own interpretation and assimilation of the numerous ideas he suggested. ( The acknowledgement page that was prepared for the 1990 guide was not published by the ASA.)

How to properly characterize the 2000 edition of Creation and Management Guide to Public Clothing Optional Beaches and Parks? On one level it clearly documents the profound and far reaching effects of the original guide over the last ten years. The nude beach matured as an American phenomena with its own unique cultural evolution influenced perhaps but generally unencumbered by the European practices. Various grass roots organizations sprung up around the country with many aligned with TNS or AANR and with many just out there and not aligned with anyone.

Paradoxically, it generally follows the format of the original yet does not really acknowledge that it is doing so.
It is unfortunate that Harker was not consulted and involved during the process of rewriting and publishing the 2000 version. Numerous factually incorrect statements could have been avoided and the fundamental issues associated with plagiarism and copyright infringement could have been easily addressed. As published the 2000 guide is factually incorrect in many areas and represents a total usurpation of the authorís rights.

Peter Jones
Maui 2000

Peter Jones can be reached at:

©2000 by the American Association
for Nude Recreation, Inc.
All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without written permission from the publisher.
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN 1-882033-07-8
I am grateful to the following people and organizations for their contributions, reviews, information, and many helpful suggestions. Without their diligent efforts this work would not have been possible: Robert Amdor; Robert Page, J.D., legal counsel to AANR; Roslyn Scheer, executive director, AANR; Turner Stokes, AANR past president; Marilou Aguirre, AANR government affairs chair; Mark Storey of the Naturist Action Committee; The Naturist Society (especially Scootch Pankonin); and the Naturist Education Foundation.
Finally, I wish to especially thank Gregory Smith, president of AANR, and the Associationís officers, trustees, and staff for their vision and commitment to this project.
Erich Schuttauf, J.D.,

A previous edition of this work was published by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) in 1990. It was written, in large part, by George W. Harker, Ph.D., then of the faculty of the Department of Recreation and Leisure at Western Illinois University, under a commission from AANR. Prior to that, Dr. Harker had studied clothes-optional recreation patterns and potentials, mainly in Hawaii. Much of that work was aided
by grants from The Naturist Society, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We are grateful to Dr. Harker and The Naturist Society for their visionary efforts. The Naturist Society also generously contributed to the illustrations in this edition.
As the popularity of clothes-optional recreation has increased in North America, some changes have occurred at popular destinations. Readers and users of the previous edition should know that Moonstone Beach in Rhode Island has, for some years now, been closed to all recreation use, due to the need to concentrate on preserving habitat for endangered shore birds.

The true nature of social nude recreation continues to be misunderstood in some quarters. For example, at Hippie
Hollow at McGregor State Park, near Austin, Texas, local officials have chosen to deny admission to persons under 18 years of age, eliminating the family character of the lovely bay on Lake Travis. That matter is now in litigation.
Nature has her say, as well. Keys and barrier beaches of the Gulf and Atlantic, favored for their isolation, can be substantially altered by storms and currents.

Robert Page, J.D.,
AANR Legal Counsel

The Author:

Dr. George R. Harker wrote the Creation and Management Guide in 1990. At the time he was a professor in the Department of Recreation and Parks Administration at Western Illinois University situated in Macomb, Illinois.

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