Monk Seals of Makena

Follows are embeded video of Various Monk Seals observed in Makena State Park. My suggestion is scroll down and read the discriptions. Some shorts have more action than others. You may want to see shots of the seal going in the water or coming out. A lot of time a seal just takes a nap. Videos are grouped by date of the hauling out.

Monk Seal haul out on January 25, 2008

A collection of videos showing what happens through the day when Monk Seal Surfer Girl hauls out on the rocks North of Little Beach.  Click here.

Monk Seal haul out on January 4, 2008

January 4, 2008 A woman's questions and observation regarding "Surfer Girl" the Monk Seal on the beach.

January 4, 2008  Brian's observations on the Monk Seal that he first encountered in the water. He saw it come into the beach about 9:30 am

January 4, 2008 Surfer Girl the Monk Seal returns to the water. One of my favorites.


Monk Seal haul out on January 1, 2008

Seal is on the North end of Big Beach at the base of the rocks and entrance to the path over to Little Beach. She hauled out about 9:30 am and returned to the water about 1:00 pm. This is a female that has been named Surfer girl by Dr. Leisure.

Monk Seal 1 January 1, 2008 sighting. View from the rocks above the Monk Seal and includes a scan of the beach where 1,600 people are using the beach. That is comparable to the entire population of Monk Seals that exist being on the same beach.

Monk Seal 2 January 1, 2008 sighting. A view of the seal from the entrance to Little Beach trail. A view of a boat off shore taking a look.Interesting comments by a freind that thinks the Monk Seal is dead.

Monk Seal 3 Moving about on the sand trying to get comfortable. Interesting study on how the Monk Seal moves about essentially not using its flippers but relying on the flexibility of its body and moving like a giant inch worm. Another Dr Leisure favorite.


Monk Seal 4 Moves up the beach toward the camera not unlike it was coming ashore.

Monk Seal 5 Shot from above the seal on the rocks. View of other people on the rocks and a view of the beach.

Monk Seal 6 no lifeguards. View from above with a voice over commentary on the fact that there are still no life guards even though funding was approved July 1, 2007.

monk seal 7 splash A close up of a sleeping Monk Seal that gets rudely awaken by the surf. Another Dr. Leisure favorite.

Monk seal jan 4


Monk Seal haul out on October 24, 2007

Monk Seal has hauled out on the North edge of the rocks seperating Little Beach from Big Beach. She came out about 8:30 and returned to the water about 11:30. Her affinity for the surfer dude in the water lead to her being called suffer girl. That snippet of video will be posted soon.

Surfer Girl meets the Surfer Dude after nap on the rocks adjacent to Little Beach.



  1. January 23, 2008 Report of Monk Seal with spot off the point at about 10:30 by fellow who also saw the fellow on Monday the 21.
  2. January 21, 2008 Numerous individuals report seeing a Monk Seal off the point North of Little Beach. All agree it has a white spot in the middle of it's back. Check with Nicole Davis the Monk Seal coordinator suggest it is a male born possibly in 1998 on Maui. It should have a tag with the number RY 32 on it. The seal was observed about noon and again at 1:30.
  3. January 4, 2008 Surfer Girl returns to Big Beach below entrance to Little Beach. Arrives about 9:30 am and departs around 1 pm.
  4.   January 1, 2008 Surfer Girl hauls out on Big Beach at the entry point for Little Beach. She arrives about 10 am and leaves about 6:45 pm.
  5. Monk Seal observed Little Beach on December 30, 2007 Hauled out around 10 am and was last observed still on the rocks at about 6 pm. An old friend "surfer girl" known to have a liking for surfer dude.
  6. October 24, 2007 Monk Seal came ashore on the rocks adjacent to Little Beach shortly after 8 am. The seal spent the morning sleeping. Went back into the water about 11:30 and immediately swam over to Frank who was surfing near by. He was most surprised to find the seal in his face. Video to be posted on YouTube when time permits. Note the white "mustache". Must be drinking milk. This is the marking which makes me think I have seen this seal for nearly a year.
  7. October 20, 2007 Monk Seal Count Day Three seals were seen around Maui. Dr Leisure caught a glimpse of one off Big Beach, Two seals were confirmed by others just south of Big Beach.
  8. October 6, 2007  about noon Monk Seal off the point north of Little Beach, reported by Roberto confirmed by his lady.
  9. September 19, 2007 7:15 am Monk seal swimming North toward Mona Ki, reported by Don
  10. September 13, 2007 another view. I believe this is the same seal in the area since December the previous year. See video of this sighting and more at YouTube  Browse the other offerings on monk seals. Most interesting.

  12. September 13,2007 first spotted off Big Beach about noon, later seen north Little Beach rocks to point from 1:30 - 3:30 diving and swimming about.
  13. August 21 , 2007 about 1:30 Monk seal at Kanaha by Roberto, cell phone photo suggest it is the same young male seen off Little Beach below.
  14. August 20, 2007  about 3:00 Monk Seal Hookipa by Roberto
  15. July 8, 2007 3:00 pm Monk Seal sighted in water off Whale scenic point
  16. July 3, 2007 9:30 am Monk Seal heading North Big Beach. Reported by Mike B.
  17. June 30, 2007 9 am Monk Seal in water off Big Beach 2. Reported by Brian.
  18. June 10,2007 Monk Seal enters Little Beach from North and swims with bathers, leaves to the South and hangs off the point and then returns to Little Beach and mingles with the bathers. From mid day to middle of afternoon. Believed to depart to North.
  19. May 24, 2007 Monk Seal RH 44 (one photographed by Dr. Leisure April 23, 2006) had pup last month on Moloki.
  20. May 5, 2007 Monk Seal sighted in Little Beach area about 11:45 am reported by Gary.
  21. April 28, 2007 Monk Seal Survey Day. Thirty nine seals seen in main Hawaiian Island Group. One on Maui.
  22. April 27, 2007 Monk Seal sighted in Little Beach area early morning about 8:30 reported by Anthony.
  23. Sighted April 3,  2007  early evening climbing into fish pond by the Whale sanctuary in Kihei. Reported by Gordie.
  24. Swimming and diving off Little Beach and northwest point about 2:30 pm March 31, 2007
  25. December 30, 2006
  26.   Swimmer and Monk Seal in the proposed Sanctuary December 30, 2006.
  27. In the surf December 21, 2006 off the point west of Little Beach.
  28. November 22, 2006 Photos and video by Don Bloom go to http://TropicalLight.com/swim.htm absolutely incredible! You can email a video to a friend! Incredible!
  29. Swimming in Little Beach Bay on November 17, 2006.
  30. November 15, 2006.
  31. In the water of the Makena coast approximately half way between Little Beach and Black Sand Beach.
  32. Look at all those teeth. A good reason not to get too close to a swimming monk seal. Taken November 15, 2006.
  33.   On Black Sand Beach June 23, 2006.
  34. Scratching the back.
  35. July 19, 2006 South end of Big Beach in the process of molting.
  36. The Monk Seal is under the tip of the rainbow in this view of the south end of Big Beach. She is in front of a building lot that should be acquired and made part of Makena State Park.
  37. April 23, 2006 Adjacent to Little Beach at Makena State Park
  38. April 23, 2006


Addresses and other information on the current stewards of Makena. People like the Governor, Mayor and various state officials. Check it out.

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