The Mostly True Life Adventures of Dr. Leisure Vol. II

a mostly true story

by  Dr. George R. Harker

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Mass Market Paperback - 294  pages First  edition ()
Dr. Leisure; ISBN: 1-887471-09-X ; Dimensions (in inches): .8 X 9 X 6 Sales Rank: 15

From the Publisher This is the second in a series of three books that document the firing of Dr. Harker from Western Illinois University and its impact on his life. Most of the presentations are true. Some are not. The more bizarre the material the more likely it is true. Also the true material is supported by numerous references to factual material in a variety of documents.


The Author: Dr. George R. Harker is well known as a philosopher and commentator on the human condition. Reduced to poverty by the actions of malevolent individuals insanely jealous of Harker's abilities and success. It is a story not unlike that of Jobe in the Bible. A man who finds that he must stand by his convictions even though to do so results in him losing all his material possessions.

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