Ocean Fish Farming

A presentation by Christina Lizzi, Kale Gumapac and Rod Parsons at the Maui Whale Sanctuary on July 7, 2009. The presentation gives a good overview on fish farm with an emphasis on Hawaii. What jumps out to me is the need to restore the fish farming techniques developed by the Hawaiian's years ago that supported thousands of people here in these very island. Using our limited resources to restore these time tested techniques sounds like a better approach than throwing this money in to projects where the goal is only a high return on the investment with little if any regard for the environment. The presentation takes slightly more than an hour but is well worth it. Having seen it you will be in a good position to make meaningful comments regarding this issue.  Aloha Dr. George R. Harker


Addresses and other information on the current stewards of Makena. People like the Governor, Mayor and various state officials. Check it out.


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 Friends of Makena State Park was formally formed in 2003 to assist the Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources in the stewardship of  Makena State Park.

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