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Dr. George R. Harker/ Maui, Hawaii/ February 14, 2002


1) The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) needs to acknowledge that Little Beach at Makena is
the number one clothing optional beach in the world and is under the guardianship of the HI State Parks System.

2) The park should be left in its current and natural condition. The vegetational covering of Keawe trees is the
most appropriate vegetational cover and should be left alone.  Keawe trees that were inadvertently cut down at the
entry to the park should be removed. Their continued presence sends the wrong message about the DNLR's
stewardship of the park. Additionally they pose a fire hazard.


3) Parking should be improved. The grading of the surface adjacent to existing paved surfaces would allow
substantially greater numbers of people to park their cars closer to the beach.

Excessive steel guardrails should be removed. Numerous parking spaces are lost and the steel barriers become an
unnecessary obstacle to car parking.

4) Formally acknowledge that nude use is not in any violation of existing state law. Formally acknowledge that the
public support was overwhelmingly in favor of establishing nude use when the DLNR park rules were reformulated
in 1989.

5) The DLNR should cease putting out misinformation regarding the legal status of nude use and advise such
tourism promotion organizations and outlets such as the Visitor Channel about correct and current park policies.

6) Remind local Hawaiians that the property was acquired by the state of Hawaii after it had been sold by its
original Hawaiian owners and passed through a number of private owners. When the property was acquired by the
State it was the result of concerned citizens fully aware and encouraging of nude recreation.

7) Embrace the idea that the demi god Maui was born on Little Beach and incorporate it in park promotion
brochures. This is a public relations bonanza. The idea that the demi god who actually captured the sun and slowed
its passage for the benefit of humankind was actually born on the site where thousands come to pay tribute by
basking in the rays of that slowed sun is an awesome concept.

8) A very systematic and comprehensive survey of what exists in the park should be developed before any further
development is planned. It is recommended that any further development be put on hold until a resource inventory
can be completed.

9) Clothing optional use should be encouraged on all the beach frontage in the park. Encouraging the use of Big
Beach would lessen the environmental impact on Little Beach. Additionally, encouraging nude use on the Big
Beach side will make the opportunity for this type of recreation more accessible for the handicapped. (Right now
the State Park System is at extreme risk from those accessing Little Beach over the trail which no one would
describe as handicapped friendly. It is amazing the number of people who will venture up this trail with disabilities that
could lead to falls which would result in substantial scraps and injuries or even death if they were to stumble.)

10) Information and ideas developed by other park officials operating clothing optional beaches should be sought
out and incorporated into the management plan for Makena State Park. A good source for information is the
booklet by Dr. George R. Harker entitled "Creation and Management Guide to Clothing Optional Beaches and
Parks." First published in 1990, a third printing is expected in 2002.

Individuals with ideas or corrections to the above list are encouraged to contact Dr. Harker at the address below. Aloha

Dr. George R. Harker
Dr. Leisure
PO Box 1137
Kihei, HI 96753


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