Seth's Pasture

a Novel

by  S. Alexander

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Mass Market Paperback - 312 pages First  edition ( May  2001)
Dr. Leisure; ISBN: 1-887471-14-6 ; Dimensions (in inches): .8 X 9 X 6

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From the Publisher

    Over the years I have read a variety of novels. Many deal with "coming of age" as young people mature and have to come to grips with those issues such as who we are and why we are here. Seth's Pasture is such a novel.
    We are there as Precious Huddelston passes through puberty in the presence of five boys who are also struggling with the same fundamental issues we all must deal with to some degree or another.
    The setting is a rural southern one. A small town, Crowly to be specific. A place the interstate passed by. Seth's pasture is exactly what the name implies. It was a pasture where cattle grazed when Seth Crowly became the focal point for a town.
    Using the pasture as the focal point, author S. Alexander weaves a very compelling and believable story about a young girl becoming a young woman. As we experience the happiness and sorrow of Precious' life's journey we can not help but reflect on our own course of travel. All of us have had to deal with the same or similar issues regarding such things as self concept, who we are, and where are we going.

Dr. George R. Harker
Maui, Hawaii - January 2001


"Seth's Pasture is timely, adventurous, romantic, mysterious, thrilling, hilarious, sad and passionate. It starts out soft and tender, like a pet kitten slowly licking your face and before you know it, a lion is swallowing your head and your heart." SJA

"There are so many books on the market today that follows the trend, whatever the headlines happens to be at the moment. Seth's Pasture breaks the mold! There are millions of readers just like me, who want to settle down to a long days read with a comfortable book that doesn't trash anybody we actually know or have seen on television. We want that book to become an old comfortable friend. Always inviting and always refreshing read after read. Seth's Pasture is that kind of book and more!" MB

"The main characters are first introduced as children, but Seth's Pasture is not a book written for children. The text is perky enough to please the college graduate, as well as the blue collar worker, and clean enough not to offend the most spiritually sensitive reader. I see Seth's Pasture becoming a must read for all high school and college libraries." ELI

The Author:

S. Alexander is a native Southerner and a beneficiary of the South's literary legacy. She is a writer, painter, radio air personality, wife, mother, grandmother living in Tupelo, Mississippi

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