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Dr Leisure Published Sunday, January 9,2000

Dr. Leisure's Vehicles Stolen!

Peter Jones/ Macomb, Illinois  (for immediate release)

Copyright 2000, Dr. Leisure

On January 7, 2000 parties unknown to Dr. Leisure removed three of his vehicles from church property in Macomb, Illinois.

Neighbors report that Dr. Leisure's 1969 Chevy 1/2 ton pick-up complete with an overcab camper was removed from the driveway of the Church and School of International Détente located in Macomb, Il.  Additionally a blue and white 1970 Pontiac was apparently removed with a car hauler. 

   Dr. Leisure's '48 Ford Coupe was also taken. The burgundy coupe is readily associated with Dr. Leisure and widely known as his main ride when in the city. The Coupe was stored inside the Church's two car garage. Dr. Harker has a ten year lease with the Church to store his cars and other possessions on the property. Church officials were stunned by the action.

Witnesses report that the words "Courtesy" were on the side of the tow truck. No one in the Macomb community could identify the owner or operator of the equipment used. 

The State Police suggest that a towing service out of Quincy, Illinois may be operating under that name.

Anyone with information regarding these vehicles is asked to contact Dr. Leisure. The 48 Ford Coupe is a one of a kind vehicle built by Dr. Harker some ten years ago. It is valued at a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. The vehicle is insured and the insurance agency is investigating.

The 1969 Chevy Truck is orange in color with a white cab. The Illinois license plate is 13006-B. The words "Dr. Leisure  Channel 19" appear on the back of the camper which is white in color. The 48 Ford Coupe is a dark burgundy in color and had plate "HARKER 2"  when it was taken. The 1970 Pontiac is a four door with a blue body and white top. No plates were on the Pontiac since it was in the process of being registered as an antique

"It has been apparent for some time that certain individuals in the Macomb area resent my teaching. By taking away this aspect of my mainland transportation they have inflicted a substantial amount of damage on my ability to travel cross country and make my usual speaking engagements," said Dr. Harker. "I don't know what it is that compels these individuals to interfere with the basic rights of an individual. Nevertheless, once again my First Amendment right of free speech and association has been pounded into the ground."

Church member are encouraged to show restraint in their dealings with those responsible for the removal of Dr.Harker's vehicles. 

As the situation develops, events will be reported here.

--Writer Peter Jones can be reached by email at drleisure1@aol.com.

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