Maui built Dekine Truck

"Everybody loves the truck... unfortunately nobody cares about me!" attributed to Dr. Leisure on receipt of another compliment on his ride.

"If I had a dollar for every picture taken of the truck, I would be a wealthy man." attributed to Dr. L


February 9, 2007

January of 2006 the antler array graces one side of the truck. The unicorn is present symbolic of the blood line of Christ in heraldry. Since the historical Jesus Christ appears to be my 57 th great grandfather it seemed appropriate to be on the truck.

February 4, 2006 Oil starvation from a plugged oil pump destroys and engine. More details click here.

January 4, 2006

In April of 2005 the "rain deer" are starting to show their wear. Purchased around Christmas time they actually moved their heads as they sang Gramma got run over by a rain deer.

September 03, 2004

December 5, 2004 the first lighted rain deer makes its appearance. Running conventional Christmas lights the 35 watts a strand could run the batteries down in no time. A year later I went to LED's that only used about 8 watts a strand. Could stay light up a whole lot longer.

In August of 2004 a chicken used to come around when I pulled in. I put out food and water and had a pleasant relationship with the chicken for a week or two. I have no idea as to what happened to the chicken.

  July 8, 2004 Photo from One Main Plaza shows two solar panels in place. I had purchased one with the idea that I would get a second if there was not enough power. I bought a voltage regulator that could handle up to four panels instead of one that would only handle two.

Sugar beach is where I first stayed as a homeless person living out of my truck.
This photo was taken in November 9, 2003. The twenty inch extension was built in September. Note the plain plywood box. No decorations are in sight and I really had no idea where this project was going to end up.

The truck in February 2002 as seen here is in front of the cottage that I lived in for a few years. The Hawaii Department of Education has built a system that virtually guarantees that you will fail as a substitute teacher. The DOE has it pretty well figured out that not only does the substitute fail but the regular teacher and the whole educational system as well. By August 1, 2002 I was living in the back of my pickup truck.

I obtained the truck from a previous landlord. He left town and told me I could sell the truck and keep anything I got for it over a thousand. On reflection I decided to send him a thousand and keep the truck never thinking it would be my mobile grass shack.

The camper shell came from a trip to the recycle bins to drop off a piece of cardboard. I saw a fellow drive in with an upside down camper shell on the back of his pickup. I offered to assist him taking it off the truck. I realized it would fit my Ranger. He said he would deliver for $5 and I said deal. Another ten dollars for plywood window replacements and I had a camper shell.

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Membership is open to anyone interested in the stewardship of  the unique natural resource that constitutes Makena State Park situated on the island of Maui in the Hawai 'i Islands. The world famous nude beach known as Little Beach is contiguous to Makena State Park.

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