Maui's Resident Nude Beach Artist - by Peter Jones

George R. Harker, perhaps better known as "Dr. Leisure" has been painting the nude beach scene at Little Beach, Maui since 1988.

Dr. Harker first came to Maui in 1987 to research and prepare a story on the controversy surrounding the nude bathing at Little Beach.

Early on Dr. Harker found he had fallen in love with the people and ambiance of Maui. Whenever his schedule permitted he would visit Maui and Little Beach. Not one to just sit around the beach, Dr. Leisure could be found swimming with the turtles and other sea creatures. Warming up between swims he would often take out his watercolors and knock off a beachscape or two with some often including one or more people enjoying the beach.

People kept asking to buy the renderings. However, Dr. Leisure wouldn't sell them. Instead he would give them away!

Unable to keep up with the demand he instead had prints made of six paintings. These prints were then sold for $12 to $15 a piece in the early 1990's.

Only 250 prints of each picture were made. Only a limited number of these collectibles are currently available from Dr. Leisure. (The bulk of these prints were taken and sold or destroyed by Virgil Mittelberg in September of 2000. For more information on this topic route to the home page by clicking this link.

  Dr. Harker was accepted into the prestigious Lahina Arts Society which exhibits only the work of local artist in the historic old jail located under the Banyan tree in Lahina years ago.

Today Harker is president of the Kihei Art Council and League. Visit the leagues website to learn more about their activities by clicking on this link.

With all the controversy that has surrounded Little Beach in the past, it is surprising and refreshing to find Dr. Leisure's renderings of nude bathers so readily accepted as part of the Maui art scene. (But then the nude figure has traditionally been part of the art scene in most cultures.)

Thanks to state of the art laser color copy technology, Dr. Leisure's art can now be replicated and sold to nude beach enthusiast or art collectors around the world. Indeed the latest offerings from Dr. Leisure can be found on his world wide web site.

Next time you are on Maui don't hesitate to check out the latest efforts of Dr. Leisure by visiting him at the beach. Of course that beach is Little Beach located south of Makena (one mile past the Prince Hotel turn right at call box 17).

Author Peter Jones is a long time friend and associate of Dr. Leisure. All photo's by the author.

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