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The image above is of Little Beach, Maui taken on a typical Sunday afternoon with a Panasonic PV-DC3000-A. The picture is a composition courtesy of the software that comes with the camera.  I have to say this 3.3 mega pixels camera is the way to go.

Check it out at Amazon.com  Panasonic Digital Camera  Model No. PV-DC3000-A

Viking MMC16M 16MB Multimedia Card

Viking MMC32M 32MB Multimedia Card

SanDisk 32 MB MultiMedia Card (SDMB-32-470)



 Today the camera is apt to be digital.  Keep in mind that photography between consenting adults has always been legal as far as I know. The most successfull photographers I know ask permission. And you usually can not go wrong  taking pictures of your friends at the beach with their permission.

Taking pictures at the nude beach has come very much in vogue. There has been a very substantial shift in attitude with regard to the this phenomena. Probably one of the most comprehensive sites for nude beach photography is "Coccozella's Nude Beaches and Public Nudity."




The remains of the most recent destruction of the portable toilets at Makena State Park. The park access to Big Beach and Little Beach. Anyone with information as to those responsible is asked to contact the authorities or Dr. Leisure.

There is a lot of stuff that can be downloaded from the net that deals with all aspects of nude recreation. Screensavers, videos, photos of nude beaches to really erotic material (things too erotic even for dr. leisure, believe it or not!) but you can check them out by searching the internet on the search machine below.

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