He Wouldn't Drink the Hemlock: The Firing of Dr. Leisure 
By Dr. George R. Harker

He Wouldn't Drink The Hemlock: The Firing of Dr. Leisure $22.95, 464 page book documenting the circumstances behind the firing of "politically incorrect" Dr. George R. Harker from Western Illinois University in 1991. ISBN 9638802-0-9 hardcover.

Dr. George R. Harker not only gives the factual background on the events leading to his termination from Western Illinois University but also examines other issues facing today's university.

It is apparent that  studying nude beaches and the teachings of Socrates and Aristotle were not politically correct at Western Illinois University. While not formally charged, Harker was found guilty of the same circumstances as Socrates: impiety and corrupting youth. Unlike Socrates or Aristotle, Dr. Leisure declined to drink the hemlock or to leave town.

Harker is working to restore the concept of tenure and academic freedom at WIU. Without it the university is doomed to decline. Harker believes, "If the university is to be a place that fosters new ideas and creative thinking, then academic freedom and tenure must be held sacred and nurtured."

Proceeds from this book will be used to aid in the restoration of academic freedom and tenure at Western Illinois University. The future of the university and the community depend on it!

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The Sequel:

The Mostly True Life Adventures of Dr. Leisure Vol. II by George R. Harker, Ph.D.

Recounts some of the adventures of Dr. Leisure as he travels about the USA checking out nude beaches and nudist resorts from coast to coast.

Documents the incompetence of various individuals associated with getting Dr. Leisure fired from Western Illinois University in 1991. Includes a detailed account of the maneuverings of the University Professionals of Illinois and their intentional efforts to misrepresent Dr. Harker.

Lots of interesting tales as Dr. Leisure meets the pagan community and finds that he too is a "born again pagan." And many other tales from Hawaii.

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A complete and free copy of The Mostly True Life Adventures of Dr. Leisure VOL. II may be downloaded from the internet by accessing www.drleisure.com/SEQUEL.pdf   It may take ten minutes since there are two hundred and ninety pages of material.  The book is presented in pdf format and can be read with the Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader can be obtained free from the Adobe Web Site (www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html).

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He Wouldn't Drink the Hemlock: The Firing of Dr. Leisure, Special Limited Edition, $50.00. signed and numbered by the author, author's signature embossed on cover. Limited to two hundred copies. (only a hundred left)

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