There is nothing quite as refreshing and relaxing as being out in some remote wilderness and soaking nude in a hot spring pool. There is an incredible sense of communing with nature. Indeed I have memories of soaking in the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs in Idaho and watching the deer come down to the river to drink. Although I saw the deer I was told that I missed the elk that had walked by minutes before. I heard from another frequent visitor that one could snorkel in the river with the trout and the salmon if one could handle the temperature of a brisk mountain stream. I have to admit I probably would pass on that opportunity, but then again, it does sound inviting.

The Hot Springs books [Southwest, Northwest] by Marjorie Gersh-Young are an ideal source of information for the locations of hundreds of hot springs and pools. Each also contains information on the appropriate protocols. Obviously, Dr. Leisure prefers to be nude in the natural environments and one can be so in many hot springs and pools. At each location in the book information is presented as to the local custom. As one might expect most of the commercial enterprises require a swimsuit (but not all!). I suspect this may change as the acceptance of public nudity seems to be growing in various aquatic environments.

Order either or both Hot Springs books now over the Internet from Amazon.com by hitting the appropriate link:

Hot Springs Northwest       Hot Springs Southwest



Personally Visited and Recommended by Dr. Leisure
(Page numbers are an earlier edition and might not correspond to most current edition.)
Washington - Olympic Hot Springs
South of Port Angeles
215 in HSPN page 57
New Mexico - Black Rock Warm Springs
West of the town of Arroyo Hondo
402 A in HSPS page 64
Idaho - Jerry Johnson Hot Springs
southwest of the town of Missoula
405 in HSPN page 86
Oregon - Bagby Hot Springs (two hours east of Portland, Oregon)
Southeast of the town of Estacada
321 in HSPN page 78
Wyoming - Thermopolis, WY 82443
Thermopolis is the town! And the source of one big hot spring. Rather incredible but unfortunately not clothing optional.
702B in HSPN page 162
Wyoming - Huckleberry Hot Springs
North of the town of Jackson
708A in HSPN page 170
Three more books on hot springs worth considering: (click on the title to find out more info about the book from Amazon.com. There is no obligation to look and you might like the prices!)

Great Hot Springs of the West: Arizona California Colorado Montana Idaho Nevada New Mexico Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming by Bill Kaysing and Ruth Kaysing.

Beautiful Spas and Hot Springs of California by Melba Levick (photographer) and Stanley Young. Information and photographs of twenty spas or hot springs in California.

Touring California and Nevada Hot Springs (Falcon Guide) by Matt C. Bischoff.

Another hot spring yet to be visited by Dr. Leisure that deserves mention is EL DORADO HOT SPRINGS situated in Tonopah, Arizona. Check out their web site to get the latest on what is happening with their busy calender of events. Click on their name to link.

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