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OLD-NEW FEATURE. Dr. Leisure wants your imput. List your favorite nude beach. Comment on events at Little Beach, Maui or any other nude beach around the world. Post a book review. Whatever. Go to the Message Board, choose the appropriate thread, (or create a new one) and share with Dr. Leisure and the Net your thoughts. Click here, Dr. Leisure Interactive. A message board where your views are the ones that count. To post the location of your favorite nude beach go to the thread  with your state name and nude beach in the title. Click on it and add your information.

A good place to tell the world what you think about recent developments at Little Beach. Click the link Message Board and post your comments..

World Guide to Nude Beaches by Lee Baxandall is the most comprehensive guide of this sort available.

The Canadian Guide to Naturist Resorts & Beaches  Paul Ritchi, David Basford, Stephane Deschenes, and Paul Rapoport. The best guide for Canada. Limited availability. Get if you can.

Published by the American Association of Nude Recreation, the twentieth edition of theNorth American Guide to Nude Recreation; The Most Comprehensive Listing of Nude Recreation Resorts and Clubs.  The Guide list and characterizes the clubs associated with the Association. A must have for the serious or potentially serious nudist (actually useful for the not so serious nudist as well).

Naked Places,  Guide for Gay Men to Nude Recreation and Travel by Michael Boyd.

Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest by Marjorie Gersh-Young  Out of stock but get if you can.

Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest by Marjorie Gersh-Young

Recreational Nudity and the Law by Gordon Gill. Check out if  you are interested in the legal aspects of nude beaches or nudism. It contains 101 abstracts of cases dealing with recreational nudity over the years.

The Mostly True Life Adventures of Dr. Leisure - Volume II. by George R. Harker. The mostly true life adventures of the nudist philosopher. Also available in the United Kingdom at Amazon.co.uk

 Amazon.com a great source for just about anything these days!  Then check out the European counterparts below.

 Amazon.co.uk Naturist Guide to Britain

 Amazon.de  FKK Reisefuhrer  (guide to nudist facilities in Europe) Please check out the site for other relevant books.



 New Nude Links of Interest

Recently recomended by Beth S.  http://www.datehookup.com/content-nudists-and-naturists.htm

Sea Mountain Resort at Desert Hot Springs/Palm Springs a luxury romantic spa nude resort and hotel. USA premier adults only day spa hotel. Link www.nudespa.com

new travel site link: The page is on my site Mexicovacationtravels.com.

My name is Paul, a Dutch naturist, I've found your webpage when browsing the internet.
There are a lot of nice and interesting links on your page, maybe you want to ad my personal page too. The URL is   http://www.mynaturism.net.tf    or,  http://www.mynaturism.tk
Of course I will return link if you do so. Thank you and best regards, Paul

Just thought you may like to add this site to your website listings. www.nakedaustralians.com

I am wondering if there is any way you would be willing to exchange naturism with with my site www.capdagdefrance.co.uk , for a link on your site at drleisure.com/?   Paul

A place to meet other nudists. www.Nudistfriends.com/i/af6014720 thanks Carrie.

A nude resort in Mexico known as Hidden Beach Resort. Thanks Catalina.

Matthew Kerwin advises about new website Michigan Nube Beach advocates. Check it out!

Taking pictures at the nude beach has come very much in vogue. There has been a very substantial shift in attitude with regard to the this phenomena. Probably one of the most comprehensive sites for nude beach photography is "Coccozella's Nude Beaches and Public Nudity."

A nudist resort in Vermont that has just come to my attention: http://www.mapleglen.net

Active Nudist Travel Club in California with some devilish (or is it delicious) attitudes about social nudism:  Diablo Sun Devils Naturist Club  Thanks Vera, the Sun Devil herself.

Check out this site promoting Nude Recreation and Body Acceptance http://www.trendsguide.com/

Relatively new naturist site featuring beaches:  www.worldwidenudismnaturism.com

  New Book Adults Only Travel  from Amazon.com  Adults only Travel

A resort in S. California with a clothing optional area for sunning. www.seamountainranch.com/  Thanks Dewey J.

Nerd Gerl's Angel Prints Naked Angel Art  www.rcip.com/nerdgerl/  Some interesting art with angels as they must be if you think about it!

Desert Shadows Inn Resort  www.desertshadows.com  Great introductory movie. Check it out.

Friends of Little Beach ( the Maui support group for Little Beach, adjacent to Makena State Park)  Check out  www.littlebeachmaui.com

Check out www.nudeplaces.com/ a new site to me with lots of useful information. It is by subscription. Looks like good value recieved for the money. Information courtesy of Aaron Block.

Lake Como Resort in Florida, check them out www.lakecomoresort.com

A site just called to my attention with a naturist/nudist cartoon theme, fascinating www.loxieandzoot.com

An update on the Bay Area Naturists:  http://www.bayareanaturists.org/

Just became aware of www.NudePlaces.com, "the premier directory of Naturist/Nudist travel destinations and clubs." Check them out. Thanks, Aaron.

RED ROCK Northern California's ultimate clothing optional beach www.redrockbeach.com

Coventry Club & Resort - "A Unique Resort in Vermont's Champlain Valley"  www.coventryresort.com  Ray Hetu called this resort to my attention.

Check out Morningside Inn foot of San Jacinto Mountains just minutes from Palms Springs at www.morningsideinn.com, recently called to the attention of  Dr. Leisure by Vern & Jill Sorensen, owners.

Check out The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, CA  at www.sunnyfun.com, recently called to the attention of Dr. Leisure by Tom Mulhall. Thanks Tom! (Tom is the owner.) He reports that his resort is one of three recommended in The Official Disneyland Guidebook for Palm Springs.

Dr. Leisure reports: What they are reading on the nude beaches of Germany and where the beaches are situated.

Dr. Leisure reports: What they are reading on the nude beaches of England and where the beaches are situated.

www.BEACHCARTSUSA.COM  You may have seen this product at Sandy Hook, Robert Moses and other great beaches. A cart designed for the beach, nude or otherwise!


Miscellaneous Links to Various Sites Being Reviewed by Dr. Leisure

American Association for Nude Recreation
American Naturist Youth
Australian Nudist Federation
Australian Sun & Health - Naturist Home Page

Bare Buns Family Nudist Club
BAREier Island Naturist
Biff's Bunch Hedonism II Annual Tour
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Carol & Eric's Cruise and Caribbean Travel Pages
Carolina Foothills Resort Web Site

Central Florida Naturists
Club Orient: a clothing optional resort - St. Martin
Club Paradise-Paradise Lakes Nudist/Clothing Optional Resort Florida
Cypress Cove Nudist Resort Home Page
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Desert Shadows Inn Resort & Villas
Dimensional Technologies Naturist Page
Dr. Leisure - Table of Contents/
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El Dorado Home Page


Federation of Canadian Naturists
first to cadre
front door to the UK naturist site
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Glen Eden
Green Haven Sun Club Index Page
Guide to NUDE BEACHES of the Northeast

Heartland Naturists Web Site
Hedonism II and other Travel Highlights - by Denny

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imen index
International Naturist Federation
International Naturist Federation (INF - FNI) Homepage


KC Outdoor Calendar

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Laguna del Sol
Le site officiel du Cap d'Agde
Lupin Naturist Club


Militant Nudist/Naturist Web Site
Mountain Air Ranch, Colorado's Premier Family Nudist Resort
My Naturist Page
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Naked Volleyball
Naturally Magazine Home Page, Events Unlimited Inc.,Naturism
Naturism is Natural
Naturisme au Quebec / Naturism in Quebec
Naturist New Hampshire Homepage
Naturist Page
Naturist New Hampshire Homepage
NetNude Naturist Site
NetNude Reports - Canada
New Hampshire's Nudist Park - Cedar Waters Village!
Northaven Resort in Michigan
NUDE2000 Web Site
Nudist News and Activities, including nudist lifestyle information and nude activities.
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Oaklake Trails Nude Recreation Park
Ocean Breeze Hideaway Bed and Breakfast situated on Maui. Click the name to check them out.

Paddling Bares Canoe Club
Pancakes au Naturel,