The adventures of "Uni" the Axis deer with one antler continues...

Uni was a magnificent creature even with on antler.

Seeing Uni running around with his one antler made me more determined than ever to find the one that must be dropped. I intensified my search. I expanded the search throughout the park. Walking the base around the cinder cone. Kris crossing the area between the parking areas of Big Beach 1 parking lot and Big Beach 2. I noted that deer tracks ran across the salt flat to an area just adjacent to the main entrance path from Big Beach parking to the beach itself. Since I had seen Uni in that area five days after my first encounter I walked through the area looking for signs of his presence. I would catch glimpses of him in the area.  One day when walking into the area I heard something behind me. I turned and saw Uni darting across the salt flat into the wood lot. He had been sitting in another clump of stumps close to where I had photographed him previously. In the area behind the dunes I came across the shorts and other items of a park visitor. Their location was such that I presumed they had been stolen and discarded. There was no identification and nothing of any real value. Now the items were nothing more than litter in the Makena State Park.  I made a mental note to pick the items up on a future visit since I didn't want to take the time at this juncture while I looked for Uni's other antler.

On June 4, 2006 I returned to pick up the materials left belonging to some park visitor that had been ripped off while visiting Makena State Park. Regrettably it was not an isolated incident but rather happened much to often. As I gather the material I noticed Uni slipping across the salt flat. I was compelled to look further and proceeded along the edge. And then there it was in the vegetation where Uni had bedded down some previous evening. Nine days after seeing the antler still attached to the deer.

The antler was different than most for it had about two and a half inches of bone attached below the point on the antler where they break off when they normally break off every year.

Taking pictures of the new found antler I had the sense that someone was watching me. I looked around and across the salt flat I could see a deer sitting in the edge of the wood lot who appeared to be watching me!

Sure enough it was the deer with one antler soon to be named "Uni" short for unideer. Since I was a couple feet within the tree line I moved to where I could get a clear shot.

A curious cat walks by Uni. One of the numerous feral cats that decimate the Shearwater and other birds that attempt to utilize the park.


For a closer look at the broken antler and a possible explanation of what happened to Uni go to makenaunideer2

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