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Monk Seal naps adjacent to Little Beach

April 23, 2006



A six year old female monk seal visited the coral deposits just northwest of Little Beach. Hundred respectively viewed the creature from a safe distance until Department of Land and Natural Resources enforcement officers drew a line in the sand some 100 yards down the beach and denied further access.

This same seal surfaced in July 19,2006 at the south end of Big Beach. That is her just under the tip of the rainbow.

The seal is molting. That is to say that she is shedding her skin just like a snake. The molted skin has fur on both sides!

The same seal on Black Sand Beach a few days later, July 23, 2006.

This seal is old enough to have a pup. If she does she will find a place on the beach and stay with the pup for six weeks. During that time she will not leave the pup. If she should be scared off for any reason it is not likely that she will return and the pup will parish. Note the gash by the eye. This occurred in 2002 as I recall. Officials would like to get a closer look to see if it is healing properly.

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