It seems that many people equate nudity with sex. Since our society believes that sex is a private matter it would seem to logically follow that nudity is also a private matter and should only be experienced in the privacy of one's own home.

Actually, the relationship between nudity and sex is a function of the individuals experience and training. If an individual has only experienced nudity in the context of a sexual experience the two may be synonymous for that individual. In reality most of us experience nudity in a context without sexual overtones, i.e. taking a shower, changing clothes.

The individual experiencing the nude beach is experiencing nudity in a non sexual context. Such a statement is also true of individuals visiting nudist resorts.

This is not to say that sex is not a part of the naturist or nudist life style. It is as much a part of the life style as it is for any other segment of society. And obviously sex is a pretty important component, since we seem to be multiplying at a pretty good clip. Again though sex is a private affair. The nature of the sexual relationship between individuals in a nudist resort or in society at large plays out in the privacy of ones own space.

There are of course exceptions. And some individuals like to put on exhibitions for the rest of us whether we are interested or not. These are the individuals that create problems for the majority of nude beach users. It is these individuals that attract the attention of local officials. Local officials properly recognize that society in general does not want to be exposed to sexual acts. Laws are on the books in all states that make such display illegal.

The difficulty arises when well meaning officials create new laws which are not sophisticated enough to properly identify what it is they are trying to eliminate. Under these conditions laws are created which prohibit simple nudity.

Review the material put out by the religious right. A close reading suggest it is the details of sexual intimacy that they want to control or eliminate. Rather than be specific about private things which they really should have no interest or concern they have chosen to make mere nudity illegal. And this is what causes problems for the rest of us who after all are just trying to get along with what God has given us, our basic human body. (Which didn't come from the manufacturer with any covering what so ever.)

What I am trying to say, if not clear already! Being nude is a rather natural condition for any human being. As such it is a great way to be when in the company of other like mined individuals. Try it you will no doubt like it! More and more people are coming to this same conclusion each year and the popularity of clothing optional beaches and resorts continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. See you at the beach!

Aloha Dr. Leisure

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