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Yes, Virginia, there are health benefits to nude beaches. Exposure to the sun, i.e. sunbathing is, in Dr. Leisure's view, more beneficial than harmful. Vitamin D is produced by the body on exposure to the sun.

Exposing the body to air and sunlight changes the micro climate on our skin's surface. Many undesirable bacteria literally cannot stand the light of day, making for a cleaner, less odorous exterior.

Many fear Melanoma. The research I've seen suggest that moderate levels of exposure are not a causal agent. In fact I have met many that had a Melanoma that became aware of it early given their general acceptance and awareness of what was going on at the surface of their nude body. It is crucial to dealing with Melanoma that the initial mole be observed and dealt with. If it is concealed behind clothing, it may not be observed as readily, either by the individual or someone close enough to see it while rubbing sun screen on it!

Commentary: AIDS and AZT Dr. Leisure has just finished reading Peter Duesberg's book, Inventing the Aids Virus. The bottom line is this! If you are HIV positive and taking AZT. Quit. The AZT is killing you, not the HIV.

If you have AIDS or know someone that does, this book is a must read. I have no doubt the advice and insights into AIDS which it contains will prolong your life and improve the quality of that life.

Dr. Leisure can not recap and do justice to the import of this book. The book is Inventing the AIDS Virus, Peter H. Duesberg, Regnery Publishing, 1996. The $29.95 is money well spent if you are currently killing yourself with AZT.

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