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Some people can't quite imagine that there are enclaves where people gather and live nude. To most people brought up in an environment where all those around them are wearing clothes the concept of being nude all or most of the time is a bit perplexing and confusing.

Dr. Leisure has given a lot of thought as to why people do just that. Although there has been much written about the liberation and personal freedom associated with such a lifestyle Dr. Leisure believes the reasons are more fundamental. People are people wherever one goes and it all comes down to "community." We, all of us, want to be a part of something. We want to fit in and make a contribution to that something. Thus we all want to be part of a group or an extended family which may ultimately be the community in which we live.

Part of the idea of community is associating with like minded individuals. That is why we prefer going to the church of our choice, or being a member of a particular social club, or rooting for a particular football team. Being so involved constitutes a manifestation of the concept of "community."

This is the bonding force within the various nudist communities or clubs which Dr. Leisure has visited all over the world. The people involved are essentially no different than most anywhere else, except they may not have on a full set of clothes.

Let me suggest the description of a stereo typical nudist community. It will contain among its physical amenities club house, swimming pool, volley ball court, restaurant, lodging accommodations and outdoor space. The people in it will be doing such things as reading, eating, sleeping, playing, and in general living.

Nothing particularly unusual here! And that is the point. Being a nudist and living in a nudist community is just another variation of the human condition. It is people being with people and creating a community.

Throughout the country there are a lot of nudist communities in existence. Some are young and some are old. One of my favorites is Avalon Nudist Resort located near Paw Paw, West Virginia. It is a newly formed club that has only existed at its present location just over a year. People are in the process of purchasing housing sites so they might live on the grounds year round. Please call them for more specific information about their resort at 304-947-5600 or check their add.

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