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NEW: Nude Cruise with Doctor Leisure

Now you can have your own private nude cruise with Dr. Leisure. For your own personal tour of the waters off Maui charter Dr. Leisure and a 21' Bayliner Trophy. Fish, whale watch (in season) or just cruise about totally unencumbered.  Capacity for the 21' Bayliner is six and one of those is Dr. Leisure who is also the Captain. (Cost is about $500 for five hours. Contact Doctor L for details.)

Nude Weddings on Board

Of course the boat is a great place for that off shore wedding. Dr. Leisure is licensed to perform the marriage ceremony in Hawaii so it is all doubly legal. (Boat captains are supposed to be able to marry people, or so I have heard. Click this link for more information about Nude Weddings or Renewal Ceremony.

Ashes Spread off Little Beach in a Remembrance Ceremony

Doctor Leisure will be pleased to perform a Remembrance Ceremony for those wishing to place the ashes of a loved one off shore of Little Beach. A very popular idea for many of those that have attended regularly the nude beach at Makena known as Little Beach. Click this link for Paul Penhallow's Ceremony particulars.

Pictures of  26' Express Cruiser also available at a slightly higher rate


Scheduled just about every Saturday please check Message Board The place to check for latest information available.
DEEP WATER SWIMMING ~ MUSIC ~ SINGING & TONING WITH THE WHALES. . . sharing our LOVE & CEREMONY with the Whales and ALL Cetacean Beings. . . .

Wonderful Devotional Musicians on Board. . . .

Pot Luck ~ bring your musical instruments and swimming gear ~ clothing optional!
LIMITED SPACE, so please register now, it is already half full. . .Call Christine Coffman
at 573-6443 or e-mail: lovemamachris@hotmail.com. . .  P.O. Box 791743, Paia, Hi. 96779

For specific details check the  Message Board   The place to check for latest information available.


A classic rendition of a Friends of Little Beach Nude Cruise in the late nineties by Kimble Mead. Click on the image to learn more about this artist.

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